Being a self-taught designer has enabled creative director Michael Mizrahi to further break barriers and set his methods apart from traditional design principles.

Blending the ultramodern Googie architectural style with a nostalgic journey into the past, his first collection is a hybrid between the past and future; a combination of limited edition leather pieces and one-of-a-kind re-worked vintage items. The leather pieces are built upon classic styles, with an added reversibility element. Whereas, the vintage pieces, evocative of the past, have been modernized to reflect the present and future.

Inspired by championship sports and popular culture, the line has been created using the finest fabrics, techniques and craftsmanship; all cornerstones of the brand.


Los Angeles based GOOGY is the brainchild of Michael Mizrahi, and was created at a time where he felt a burning internal motivation to make radical change.

Michael’s father, who he had always leaned on for guidance, had passed away a couple of years prior. The root of their relationship and profound bond was built around basketball; going to Lakers games and coaching Michael’s teams. The inspiration and soul of the brand is rooted in his father’s teachings, and Michael's personal path to embracing himself as an artist. In this pursuit, he combined all his previous experience and learning, including buying, building, searching, experimenting, and being. Through this journey, GOOGY was created.

With the creation of GOOGY, Mizrahi was able to connect, explore, internalize, and develop a new understanding for the word love. Through developing his philosophy of DREAM ST, he transcended this idea into a reality.

GOOGY represents an understanding of oneself, the universe and an appreciation and respect of where you came from, where you want to go, and how you got here. This moment will only happen once, hence the realization that this present creates the future.


Along his previous journeys, Michael had culminated a deep understanding of sports, architecture and fashion, notably as a fan, player buyer, merchant and builder. With a dedicated interest in reinvention, Michael has injected all of these elements, along with a keen design intuitive into an intersection of values, leading to a brand defined by his signature designs and emphasis on exceptional quality.

As an artist inspired by materials, shapes, textures, colors and expressions, Mizrahi has traveled the world to source the best suppliers, gather inspiration, and to further his understanding.

Starting from a vision and extending to its collections, collaborations, partnerships and ethics, GOOGY is a brand built entirely upon the tenants and foundation of DREAM ST:

D \ Direction
R \ Respect
E \ Energy
A \ Appreciation
M \ Momentum

S \ Space
T \ Time